Albania Off-Road

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Welcome in the new millennium in the less traversed corner of Europe, the Accursed mountain of Albania. Ride and see what few people have seen: an untouched coastline, hidden valleys, and rugged mountains. Receive one of the warmest receptions in all of Europe. The people of this tiny country are known for warmth and hospitality. From the mountains in the north to the archaeological sites in the south, from the growing city to the rural villages throughout the country, there is surprising diversity for travelers to discover. An adventure worth living for. This tour, includes a world class journey through outstanding fjord-like scenery, which deserves to be one of the world's best boat trips. You will travel back in time and see the traditional lifestyles carried by hardy souls who work their land and build their haystacks as their ancestors did before them with the peacefulness.

This diverse tour will lead you from the tranquil beauty of Lake Ohrid, via picturesque mountains and sparkling rivers, to the inviting beaches of the Albanian Riviera, providing a taste of all the very best Albania has to offer. This incorporates visits to UNESCO heritage sites, as well as fascinating glimpses into an untouched subsistence culture. A challenging route, providing a feast for the senses and plenty of opportunity to experience the hospitality of the friendly Albanian people.

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At a glance

  • 7 Nights, 3-4* hotel accommodation with breakfasts
  • 6 riding days with 100% vehicle support
  • 50% tarmac 50% off-road
  • Group size 4 to 6 bikes plus local leader
  • Contries Visited 1 : Albania
  • 1165 km of motorcycle route


  • Enjoy wild landscapes in this undiscovered country.
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage city of Berat and it's Fortress.
  • Journey through the beautiful Albanian Riviera.
  • Discover the 'Lock-in Tower' at Theth
  • Witness Bënja's bridge that has spanned the river for centuries.
  • Visit Valbona, Europe's hiking Meka.
  • Ferry in the most amyzing ride across the Albanian fiords.
  • Relax in the thermal waters of Bënjë and Peshkopia.
  • Enjoy a traditional folklore evening in Krujë.
  • Discover the local cuisine where organic food is a standart.
  • Visit Enver Hoxha's nuclear bunker in Tirana.


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Tiranë - Berat

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Berat - Korçë

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Korçë - Peshkopi

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Peshkopi - Valbonë

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Valbonë - Theth

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Theth - Krujë

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Solo Rider


Pillion / Own Bike


Bike Upgrade


Single Supplement


* Prices above are sharing room
* Motorcycle upgrade uses the GS 1200 or GS 1200 Adventure

What's included
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Motorcycle GS 800
  • Multilingual tour guide
  • Support van and mechanic
  • Fuel during the entire tour

  • All Lunches and dinners
  • All breakfasts
  • All attraction site fees
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Tolls and ferry ticket
What's not included
  • Single supplement
  • Motorcycle upgrade
  • Airplane tickets
  • Riding gear or helmet
  • Travel insurance

  • Drinks with meals
  • Hard case panniers
  • Gratitude for guides
  • Visa expenses
  • Extra airport transfer
Tour Date Tour Status
July 22 - July 29 Available
August 5 - August 12 Available
  • Airline Lost & Found
  • Riding Gear
  • How much money do I need?
  • Medical conditions and food allergies
  • Motorcycle Models and Sizes
  • Off road difficulty level
  • Ferry ride into the Fiords of Albania
  • Riding in Albania
  • Food and Meals
  • Riding Style
In the event that your flight has lost you luggage please give the following information to the lost and found office that unless there will be another flight the same with your luggage on it, you will be traveling the next day and the destination for your luggage to be delivered should be determined by calling Motorcycle Albania at +3556730000. Motorcycle Albania and Lost & Found will make further arrangements to bring the luggage to you as soon as possible.
It is important to layer your clothing for different climates, as our tour may go through cool high mountain passes on one day and warm valley lowlands on the next. Rain in the mountains can occur unexpectedly, so you should bring a rain suit. Helmet is a must unless you have made further arrangements with us. In the event of lost luggage we will provide you with a helmet and riding gear until the arrival of yours.
You will need money only for meals and drinks. A typical dinner cost between 5-10 € and a litter of house red wine from 3-7€. Coffee is 50cent and beer 1€. Although ATM machines are common in most cities and towns there will be days where finding on could be challenging. But more challenging is trying paying with a credit card. Cash in the most easy form of payment and luckily, because of the prices in Albania, you don’t need much of it.
Because of the remoteness this tour will take us, is quite neccessary that you let Motorcycle Albania know in advance of possible medical conditions of food allergies that you might have. All our guides are competent first aid responders and will do everything to sort out the situation in the most professional manner.
We have updated our motorcycles by providing 2017 model for all our tours. On top of that, all our models now have motorcycles with lowered chassis for shorter riders. After you make you booking make sure to talk to us about the most appropriate size for you.
Depending on your riding skills, this tour is relatively easy for an off road tour. The off road bits are mostly unsealed but with a good base.
Because of limited accesabilito to most mountainous vilages this is the only way in or out for a lot of people and because of tourism and water level of the lake loading/unloading of the bikes on the ferries can be challenging. Therefore your guide might have to do that job for you.
All the roads exept for big citys are free of trafic and very well maintained. The drivers are quiet patience and forgiving.
Organic food is still the standart in the Albanain cousine. All the farmers grow their own heirloom varieties and because of the cost of chemicals used in developed countries they have followed more natural methods of agriculture. Combine the good flavor with the rich variety of traditional dishes and low prices and you landed on food paradise.

Because of the cheep prices of meals we decided that everyone should have the abundant option of choosing their own dish. Nonetheless your guide will suggest the best places and dishes and make reservations beforehand. If it is favorable to you, you can let the guide choose and order the best at each destination.
Every group is different but the most common style of riding is where the guide leads and you all make the same stops and rests to which we came to know from our long experience. All the helmets will be equipped with an intercom, where you can listen the guide telling stories and histories of the traveled area or interact in private conversations with other riders from the group. There is usually two coffee stops, one before and one after lunch stop as well as common regroups in attractions sites and beautiful view points.

Nonetheless with our GPS and and easy to follow route, you are free to ride at you own pace and enjoy the ride from your own prospective.