Some of Your Questions

Before you Go!

  • What kind of motorcycle experience do I need to participate? How difficult are the routes?
  • Do I need a visa for Albania or the other traveled countries?
  • What is necessary to bring with me?
  • Do you offer medical insurance? What happens if there is an accident?
  • How do I get there? Can you arrange airline reservations?
  • What is the best time of year for me to come?
  • I am a vegetarian!?
Our tours are tailored to motorcyclists of all levels. However, you must have a valid motorcycle driving licence for at least two years. The selected routes are planned to follow low traffic roads and to offer a good deal of sightseeing. You do not need to be a highly experienced motorcyclist. Furthermore, the tour leader is always there to help, if needed.
Visitors from all European Union, UK & Skandinavian countries do not need a visa. Nor do citizens from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and N. Zealand. If you are not sure you should check with your local consulate or travel agent.
It is important to layer your clothing for different climates, as our tours may go through cool high mountain passes on one day and warm valley lowlands on the next. Rain in the mountains can occur unexpectedly, so you should bring a rain suit. Helmet is a must unless you have made further arrangements with us.
We do not provide health insurance and you are expected to have one before you travel to Albania. All our guides are competent first aid responders to the unfortunate event of a crash and will do everything to sort out the situation in the most professional manner.
Tirana has an international airport and has many direct flights with most European countries. Although we do not book airfare tickets we can help you find the fastest and best way to reach us.
Albania has a temperate, Mediterranean climate. March 15th is officially the first day of spring and things really start to hot up toward the end of the month when clear skies and balmy temperatures provide a nice way to ease into the heat of summer. Summer brings sunshine and maximum temperatures of between 20-35 degrees Celsius. Summer days are long with sunrise before 6:00am and sunset after 8:30pm at the height of summer!
No problem. Organic fruits and vegetables are still a luxury Albanians have. Fresh, local and in abundance.

About the Tours

  • How do I book a tour ?
  • Can I join with my own motorcycle?
  • What is the group size of each tour?
  • What hotel quality does the tour provide?
  • Are support vehicles used and how much luggage can I bring?
  • Can my non-riding partner ride in the support van?
  • What languages do the guides speak?
  • What are the road conditions on the traveled route?
  • Will I have indipendance and freedom to travel at my own pace?
  • Do the motorcycles come with panniers or other accessories?
  • What if I have to cancel?
  • Will I have a room mate?
  • Does the guide organize meals?
  • I'd like a custom tour just for me and my friends. Can you arrange it?
Once you have decided which trip and date you prefer, we will check on availability and email you with further details and payment instructions.
You can definitely join us with your own motorcycle - see reduced prices for personal bikes.
To achieve the highest comfort and enjoyment of the tour each group consists of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10 motorcyclists.
All our hotels and guesthouses are carefully selected by us based on comfort, cleanliness and customer service.
A support van, driven by a mechanic, accompanies each tour and guests can bring all the luggage they can carry. No luggage restrictions.The van has the capacity to transport at least one motorcycle and up to 5 people.
Yes, the van can accommodate non-riders comfortably. All our vans are new WV T6 Multivan with planly of room and comfort.
All our tours leaders are fluent in Albanian, English, German and Italian.
All our tours run on good asphalt roads, most of which are traffic free. There might be occasion wear and tear on some roads, but nothing requiring any off-road riding skills. Riders are notified in the daily briefing or tour notes about possible changes.
When you have as much experience as we do, the answer to this is easy. YES!We provide you with all the tools to allow you to comfortably travel at a pace that YOU want to travel. Forget about the next rider. We encourage independence, yet make ourselves available to serve you as needed.
All our motorcycles are equipped a pannier rack and hard case panniers can be fitted on request at extra cost. A Nav V GPS and up to date maps is a standard equipment that comes with you motorcycles whether you join a tour or rent one.
If you decide to cancel the tour for whatever reason that does not depend on us, these are the refund policies:

30 - 15 Day Cancellation Notice: 30% of Total Booking Amount
15 or Less Day Cancellation Notice: 50% of Total Booking Amount
No Show: 100% of Total Booking Amount

All Cancellation Fees will be charged to the credit card on file.
All tours are booked double occupancy which means two people to a room. If you are coming solo we will attempt to find a room mate for you. The only guarantee that you will have a room mate is if you bring one along. If you choose to have your own room there will always be a single supplement fee. "IMPORTANT NOTICE" If for any reason we are unable to find you a room mate you will be in a single room and therefore charged the supplement. No exceptions! These circumstances are beyond our control, however, we will do what ever possible to spare you of the additional expense.
Quality dining is an important MotorcycleAlbania trademark. We like to eat, so you won't find us cutting any corners here! Due to the nature of where we often travel, the unfamiliarity with the cuisine and the ability to be provided the best service, there will be occasions where the staff will order for you.
Customized, private tours make up a large part of our services each season. Motorcycle dealerships, families, clubs, or just a group of riding friends can qualify for a private riding event. We can run them with two or twenty people. They are ideal in that we can precisely target your specific needs and requirements. Hotel selections? Duration? Dates? Inclusions? Routings? These are all elements that you can have a say in. From budget to over the top luxury, we enjoy the challenge of overcoming logistical issues and providing the ultimate and intimate riding experience that comes with a private tour.

About Motorcycle Rental

  • Is there a place to store my luggage during the rental period?
  • What is your gasoline policy?
  • Can I pickup or return the motorcycle after hours?
  • Is the rental based on a calendar day or rental day?
  • Can I pick-up/drop off the motorcycle at a diferent locations?
  • Can I go with your rental motorcycles across international borders?
  • Do you provide GPS with the rented motorcycles?
  • What about panniers?
  • What if my bike breaks down?
  • How does the secyrity deposit work?
Yes, our location offers safe and secure storage of your luggage and personal items during your rental, at no extra cost.
The motorcycle will be delivered to the hirer with a full tank of fuel, clean and in perfect state of functioning. The renter will return the bike in the same conditions along with its documents and accessories, at the end of the trip, at the time and place stipulated by the contract. Vehicles returned with a less than full gas tank will be subject to a refueling charge.
Yes, we can make special arrangements, however, pick-up/drop off out of the business hours will be charged with € 50.
A day of rental equals a calendar day, rental hours: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, closed on Sunday, (and Saturday in low season).
Yes, with an additional charge, depending from the locations.
Yes, wothout any problem. It must be agreed before the rent period.
Every model or our motorcycle fleet is equiped,at no extra charge, with the latest model of GPS form BMW, Nav V and up to date maps.
You can equip you rented motorcycles with lockable panniers and other carrying accessories at extra charge.
Catastrophic mechanical failures are rare. We regularly maintain our motorcycles so that they are mechanically sound before and during trips. In the unlikely case of a motorcycle breakdown, we will make every attempt and use all resources at our disposal to get the bike to a professional service. In the very unlikely event that we cannot fix the bike, we will provide a replacement bike.
Depending on the insurance policy you purchased with your rental, there is a 1000€ deposit, which you can pay by Credit Card, Cash or Wire Transfer. The deposit must be at our account before handover and beginning of rental period. Once the motorcycle is returned in time and it is free of damage the security deposit will be released and returned to you.